CarbonWrap™ Solutions is dedicated to providing our clients with the most advanced Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) products such as Carbon/Glass Fiber Wrap systems and services for structural strengthening available on the market.


Such Strengthening could be to address seismic, progressive collapse/blast mitigation or corroded/damaged structures. Examples provided in our brochure.



  • Strengthening Concrete, Steel or Timber Beams
  • Strengthening Concrete, Steel or Timber Columns
  • Strengthening Concrete, Masonry or Brick Walls
  • Strengthening Concrete Slabs
  • Reinforcing Concrete, Steel or FRP Pipes
  • Reinforcing Concrete, Steel or FRP Tanks
  • Strengthening Concrete or Wood Poles
  • Strengthening Concrete or Wood Piles/Piers

There are countless applications FRP technology can address at the structural level.

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  • Highly Advanced Technology
  • Manufacturing & Fabrication
  • Detail Construction
  • Custom Installation
  • Structural Consultation
  • On-site Instruction

Take a look at the very extreme conditions the product is able to withstand.

The following Video shows the retrofit of highly damaged prestressed bridge:

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